Friday, August 9, 2013

School has begun and I am exhausted.

I know I seem to have disappeared but nope, I am just exhausted.  I have that first week (or in my case first 8 days) of school teacher tired.  I have been barely able to stay up past 8 let alone look at my computer or even email.   I know you all know what that feels like. 

My new school is on the reservation near my home town, so I have also been dealing with a bit of culture shock as well.  My kiddos are great it is just very different than what I was expecting.  Overall I think I am going to have a wonderful year.  My principal is so helpful as and so are the Sped Director and the Teaching Coach (kind of like a mentor teacher to the entire staff).  Anyway I am starting to get into a groove and should be (crosses fingers) in a routine with home and school soon. 

Two of my favorite things this past week have been having supplies to do my science experiment and have a real magnetic whiteboard.  Yes I know- weird.  The school I came from used shower board as a white board and I know some of you use it for personal white boards and it works fine but the stuff we had did not work really well and for science well, we never had anything at all.  If I wanted to do an experiment I had to submit a supply list.  It was a real pain so I just never bothered unless the supplies were already on hand or I just got it myself.   Oh and ok I LOVE my Smartboard!  It is the first thing turned on in the morning and the last thing turned off when I leave.  I even get to go to a training on creating engaging lessons.  That should be a lot of fun.