Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am still on vacation visiting family in the beautiful Poconos.  Tomorrow is the  long flight and long drive home.  I really miss my home, my own bed and most of all my doggies.  Even though I have training at work on Thursday I am ready be home.  Vacation has been good to me though.  I managed to pull off the shopping find of a lifetime.....I got a pair of Dansko shoes for the amazinging low price of $5.00 .  Yes I typed that correctly.  I even asked the store if they forgot a zero.  I fell in love with these shoes last April after researching good shoes that do not look like my grandmother's orthotics.  I was so exited.  I will post pictures when I get home.  This has been an adventure in posting as I am on my Nook.  Next time I am going to suck it up and haul my laptop.  I apologize if there are typos as my screen is way too all and there are buttons in the way.

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